THE SMART PAINTING | Sensipaint* & AI Neural Network


Painter: Éva Köves
Light artist / interaction: Andrea Sztojánovits
Mathematician: Domonkos Varga

The integration of art, technology, and science is a reflection of today’s way of thinking.  Shaping of new  tools and interfaces provides new perspectives in such fields as science, art, as well as education and development. In our time, a dialog between art and science can be highly helpful in understanding and processing of the more and more rapidly, literally daily arising new information and challenges. Until very recently, art has been considered a realm of cultural production conveying the unique experience of the condition humaine.

The painting and the projection, the two artistic components met with the brand new mathematical way called neural networks, which made the painting installation into a smart, sensitive surface. With the development of biologically inspired vision models called deep neural networks, human creativity was challenged by algorithmic processing. In collaboration with Domonkos Varga (MTA SZTAKI) mathematician, this method brought to life by the complex interplay between deep learning algorithms and artistic style through an algorithm programmed especially for this project.

The project, on the one hand, wants to answer the question: what kind of new aesthetics can arise from up-to-date pairing of mathematics and visual arts? On the other: how do these new aesthetics impact – by means of their active participation – on users.

The Flow of Colors and The Steam installation uses this method »»