Paint mapping installation, 2023

Painting: Éva Köves
Concept and Digital animation: Andrea Sztojánovits
Music: Álmos Gergely

Size: 250 x 90 cm
Length: 2 minutes 20 seconds (in loop)
Material: painting, projection, loudspeakers

The intention of the installation is to create a unique environment for reception that is surprising, soothing and at the same time transcendental, through deep audiovisual impressions. Visual language used in the collection evokes the phenomenon of the blinking light through breath delicious layers and filmy occurrences, which – through continuously changing light and tones – automatically induce the eye to attend actively, shift out from calm, and stimulate cognition. Details show up and fade away, the viewer becomes observer by means of the active participation of the eyesight – for example, twinkling, amazement, that is, by alternate phases of openness-closeness. This circumstance, the eye’s ‘respiration’ provokes assertive action in the attentiveness to the picture.

At the intersection of digital visual art and classical traditions of painting has emerged a new hybrid genre: paint mapping. Paint mapping is a sub-genre of projection mapping. It creates a new sense of reality that comes into being as the painting meets the light cast upon it. Digital animation reflects the painting’s architecture. In this way, it produces a specially integrated unity of the space, the structural relations, the light (the projected non-figurative animations), and the movement.
The object situated in the tangible space, and virtuality, looming pixels into pigments of the painting through light, are creating a new abstract context for the interpretation of both the painting and the animation. The borderline between physical and virtual presence fades, the painting becomes ‘virtual’ and gets moving, animation, projected on it, assumes a shape of ‘physical’ stimulus. In this new atmosphere and fresh experience, the tradition of visual improvisation revives.


The plan of the installation and animation based on Éva Köves painting series

Solar Vibrations was exhibited at AQB Open House Micro »» in 2023 September 29-30.