SHELL Collection | The color interference

Audiovisual painting-installations, responding to the noises of outside world and tonal environment, are novelties for our visual perception because of the interference of the sense of painting and digital marking. The installation decorates black and white traces by creating dashes of color, and in such way it reproduces some phenomena to be found in the nature, as twinkling of the shellfish, or interference color that can be seen on the wings of some insects. The colors influenced by moving voices shift ceaselessly in accordance with the moiré pattern. Therefore, it brings about elementary perception at the particle’s level.

The Ohm

Sound reactive Paint Mapping installation, 2016

Oil painting: Éva Köves
Digital animation: Andrea Sztojánovits

Size: 150 x 200 (19 pc 40 x 30 cm)

The audioreactive refractions of light that develop along the streamlines connecting the fragmented intersections create the relationships between the elements. The light throbbing, the repetitively circulating sound provide continuity in time.

The Ohm was exhibited at:

Zsolnay Light Festival 07/01-03/2016, Pécs Hungary ROM – Riders on the Mall Digital Art Festival 05/27-29/2016, MÜSZI, Budapest