SENSIPAINT* | The theoretical background


The Monochrome Clack group is a result of the joined creative activities of two hungarian artists, Éva Köves painter and Andrea Sztojánovits light artist.

*Márton Orosz art theorist gave this name to our paint mapping installations

They build a unique connection between the traditional culture of image creation (oil painting) and contemporary digital art (projected light).

The group establishes a new symbiosis of genres, their intermedial pieces of art are based on the finding that computer animation (movements, light, sound) projected on oil/canvas/photo paintings is establishes a new type of relation between classical visual arts and 21th century new digital art genres. The two medium creates together the structure of the visible of the artwork, a new-type of medium from the static elements of the painting and constantly changing elements of digital animation throught projected light.

Infographic drawing by Andrea Sztojánovits from ‘the geneology of paint mapping’ text by Márton Orosz art historian.



The creative methods of Éva Köves are novel, and exceptional: she mounts her photos on canvas, takes them further in paint, and then goes on to create mostly large painting-installations from them, at times consisting of over a dozen pieces. Éva does not belong to any particular contemporary school or artistic group, but her themes, way of thinking, as well as urban com- mitment relates her to the geometrical, constructivist, anti-mainstream prog- ram in the first half of the twentieth century, especially, of the Bauhaus and László Moholy-Nagy. Since 1989, she has had some 30 individual exhibitions in Hungary and internationally, has taken part in numerous group shows, and has been a frequent participant at representative exhibitions that introduce con- temporary Hungarian art and avant-garde endeavours within that.


light artist

Andrea Sztovánovits has been working on real-time audiovisual installations since 2001, she got her Doctorate Degree in 2019 at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts with her dissertation ‘VJing as a method’. Besides her creative work she is a lecturer at the Intermedia specialty at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, she holds workshops, her main educational and research fields are visual-musical trends and the analysis of sound-based images.


The group had several exhibitions in Hungary – as in Ludwig Museum (2014) or Kepes Institute (2015), due the intermedial installations of Monochrome Clack met with a warm response at the Donumenta exhibition (Regensburg, 2010), and also at the LivePerformers Meeting (Rome, 2011) or in New York (2016).
Zsolnay Light Festival 07/01-03/2016, Pécs Hungary
ROM – Riders on the Mall Digital Art Festival 05/27-29/2016, MÜSZI, Budapest
XVII. LPM 05/12-05/14/2016, Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, Hollandia
Modernity X Hungary – A festival of Hungarian Modernism in NYC 05/07/2016, Alma Gallery, New York
Re:Lake II. 10/01/2015 Mozsár Gallery, Budapest
LanguAGES of LIGHT 09/26-12/31/2015, Kepes Institute, Eger, Hungary
Oscillation – A38-MVM Light painting 02/22-23/2014, A38, Budapest, Hungary
Ludwig Next: Monochrome Clack 12/20/2013 – 01/19/2014, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Error and Co. 12/06/2013, Live Act – Contemporary Hungarian Gallery, Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia
Hive Live act 03/24/2013, Kepes Institute, Eger, Hungary
Hotel Nemzeti: Éva Köves opening exhibition 12/12/2012, Hotel Nemzeti, Budapest, Hungary
Quadritic Equations 03/02-05/27/2012, Kepes Institute, Eger, Hungary
Picture, light, space, architecture 01/25/2012, Tat Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
LPM / Live Performers Meeting – Live video performers, visual artists and vj meeting 05/19-22/2011, Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome, Italy
Dodeca 03/08-04/01/2011, Fészek Galery, Budapest, Hungary
Donumenta 09/16-11/06/2010, Regensburg, Germany
Útvesztő 01/17-19/2010, Gödör Klub, Budapest, Hungary
Interfészek 12/1-25/2009, Fészek Galery, Budapest, Hungary

Medium Analysis IX. Public performance & workshop, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department, 11/25/2016
20 years of Art Department – Jubilee Conference, Pécs University Art Department, 11/22-23/2016
Ludwig Next Paint Mapping Workshop, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, 2014