LUDWIG NEXT | Monochrome Clack | Budapest | Hungary

Monochrome Clack | Intermedial installations of Éva Köves and Andrea Sztojánovits

The Ludwig Museum launches a new series of exhibition, titled Ludwig Next, that aims to give a direct insight into work process in contemporary Hungarian art workshops, also to present interesting fresh ideas.

As early as in the previous century, constructivism was a specific kind of cultural response to the problems of a shattered world and broken societies following World War One, Monochrome Clack establishes a new symbiosis of genres, wishing to reflect on the problems of the present-day mutinous globalized world.

The project is a result of the joined creative activities of two Hungarian artists who build a unique connection between the traditional culture of image creation —painting, in the given case—and contemporary electronic art.

Éva Köves, painter, from the mid-generation of Hungarian artists and Andrea Sztojánovits representing the younger generation of artists, began cooperating in 2009. Their intermedial pieces of art are based on the finding that computer animation (movements, light, sound – i.e. music and text) projected on oil/canvas/photo paintings (painting-installations) not only establishes a new type of relation between visual arts and genres of literature but on meeting an active observer’s attitude it creates a new-type of medium from the static elements of the painting and constantly changing elements of digital animation. In this case, the complexity of the artwork will be accepted even by those spectators and listeners, who otherwise would reflect only on some of the constituent elements of it—separately on the painting, or on the VJ-culture, the music, or the poetry. After several exhibitions in Hungary, the intermedial installations of Monochrome Clack met with a warm response at the Donumenta exhibition (Regensburg, 2010), and also at the LivePerformers Meeting (Rome, 2011).

LUDWIG NEXT: MONOCHROME CLACK, Intermedial installations of Éva Köves and Andrea Sztojánovits, 12/20/2013-01/19/2014.