FLICKER | VR | Points, colors and vibrations |


In progress AR-VR installation, 2022-23

Concept and Digital animation: Andrea Sztojánovits
Painting: Éva Köves

Visual language used in the collection evokes the phenomenon of the blinking light through breath delicious layers and filmy occurrences, which – through continuously changing light and tones – automatically induce the eye to attend actively, shift out from calm, and stimulate cognition. Details show up and fade away, the viewer becomes observer by means of the active participation of the eyesight – for example, twinkling, amazement, that is, by alternate phases of openness-closeness. This circumstance, the eye’s ‘respiration’ provokes assertive action in the attentiveness to the picture.

The plan of the installation and animation based on Éva Köves painting series

in progress